The Wedding List

LISTA NOZZEThe wedding list is a list of objects written by the betrothed couple of months before the wedding date. A wedding list is normally drawn up at one or more shops, usually specifically dedicated to the trade of household or gift items. In fact, it aims to help the wedding guests, relatives and friends of the couple, in choosing a gift actually appreciated by the couple. Generally, items of household objects appear on the list, such as cutlery, pots, home accessories, linen items, but furniture, paintings and small appliances are also increasingly included. It should be noted that it is often possible to purchase gifts by subscribing a share of the entire amount of the chosen object, in order to limit the expense within the limits set by the buyer; in the event that some shares have remained unsubscribed, the couple will then redeem the object by paying the difference.

In this situation, the online wedding list service is very useful for the guests. Bottega d'Arte Maglie - 1982 has its own website with a section dedicated to this service.

Once the list has been completely drawn up by the spouses assisted by competent personnel, it will be uploaded online with pictures of the items, price and quantity chosen; two access codes will be generated, one that specifically concerns the married couple and the other that the latter must deliver to their guests.

In this way, the spouses will be able to instantly consult their situation regarding the list without staying there to call the store but seeing its evolution over time and I invited them to make their purchases with maximum comfort even from home by choosing one or multiple objects and duly filling in a form with the related personal data can pay online by bank transfer and / or paypal.

Once confirmed, the system sends three emails (one to the married couple, one to the shop, and one to the booking agent so that all operations are clear and transparent for everyone